ArakoiREMIX & Director's Cut Free delivery decision!

It was released from Virgin Babylon Records in November, 2010.
"Arakajimekimeraretakoibitotatie" is three composition remixes in grandeur as for masterpiece "Song of the Bird" of one track 74 minute.
And, the middle part of the phantom that was not able to be collected to the CD album.
"Director's Cut: mid-Part.3&Part4" is being freely delivered on July 28.
The mp3 edition from the Virgin Babylon Records site and high sound quality wav version can be downloaded from OTOTOY.

Virgin Babylon Records
Information of live postponement

As a result of the conference on the nightclub, it became a postponement with the organizer about
about tess that had been scheduled on March 14 though it did live.
The thing that the safeties of the people in the inside where the aftershock continues
still finally and the place cannot be secured is the best reason though it groped for the possibility
of the thing that can be done because of this situation.
I will notify details etc. later with about tess HP here and about tess twitter, etc. of the future.
LIVEPublishing at appearance time
Feb 16 (wed) 2011
"unkie VS about tess"@ Shimokitazawa Club Que(Tokyo)
OPEN 18:30 START 19:00 ADV \2,800 DOOR \H(+1d)
about tess
The early reservation with Virgin Babylon Records of about tess New album started.
It is + domestic free shipping with special price + privilege CD.

”about tess/ Song of the Bird early reservation (Payment becomes a prepayment by paypal).

The second bounce of early new disc audition! It is Cut-Up from among 74 1minute this time from among
74 one last audition minutes as for various parts while it was a version to which it listens long three places.
Please listen while imagining the thing that various developments not to finish installing
here are developed for 74 minutes of course.

”uSong of the Bird(dig ver2 Cut-Up)v
about tess "Song of the Bird (dig ver)" MUSIC VIDEO

about tess New Album "Song of the Bird" 2010.11.17 out!!

wOne large picture scroll where it began to draw bird's one journey course with
twin twin guitar + twin base + drum in 74 minutesx

New work after an interval of about tess 2 year that becomes the second of
"Virgin Babylon Records" of world 's end girlfriend establishment "Song of the Bird".

The work now is a blockbuster that began to depict bird's one journey course in 74 minutes.
Peculiar twin organizing twin guitar + twin base + drum.
It is a length and a guitar in bird's flight free that plays and is rolled upI
Base like the swinging earthI
Changing drum beaten like storm because of all directionsI
The travel of the bird continues while facing many scene conversions.


Song of the Bird / about tess
2010.11.17 out! \2,000(tax in)DDCZ-1719(VBR-002)74 minutes per one allJAN:4543034026746

Song of the Bird

1. Song of the Bird

: Beginning from Decision (16:38)
: Requiem for few musical instrument players and a dead bird.(21:43)
: Somewhere or Nothing (23:54)
: Phantom of the Bird (12:34)

–It becomes one in four tracks. There is no seam on the audibility.

Please reservation/buy in official shop "Unsupermaket" of Virgin Babylon Records (The privilege adheres )or
(Reservation beginning/privilege having from 11/3) Virgin Babylon Records

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